Hot Melt Coating Machine For Sale

Hot Melt Coating Machine – ITW Dynatec’s “State of the Art” laboratory/development web coating system represents our commitment to the Nonwoven industry. This system is located in our Tennessee facility and is one of the highest speed, flexible laboratory coaters in the industry. This web coating system features Allen Bradley™ PLC control technology and precision tension control. The coating unit has the ability to run various spray, slot, bead and other technologies up to a 400mm width providing a variety of high-speed intermittent or continuous adhesive patterns.

FeaturesHotmelt Coating Machine

High-Speed Design from Geometric Machine
Allen Bradley PLC Controls
Modular Design with Mounts for Precision Spray or Slot Coating Capability
Dual Unwind and Rewind
Wide Tension Range for Low Weight Substrates


Line Speed — 609 MPM – 2,000 FPM
Coating Width — 500 MM – 20”
Core Size — 3” (75mm)
Spray & Slot Coating/Laminating Capability
Capable of running elastic strands or Spandex with elastic unwind equipment

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